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Roborock S7 Max Ultra

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Roborock S7 Max Ultra

The S7 Max Ultra offers a complete hands-free cleaning experience without compromising any features, such as the RockDock™ Ultra all-in-one docking system, 5500 Pa HyperForce® suction, VibraRise® mopping system, and Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance. In other words, the S7 Max Ultra combines all of the best features into one powerful device.

One Dock to Rule Them All

Experience hands-free cleaning with the RockDock™ Ultra for a new level of convenience, leaving your home spotless and smelling fresh all the time.


Dries the mop and bottom of the dock to prevent unpleasant odors.


No need to wash the mop manually after use.



Allows for up to 7 weeks* without emptying.

*Actual emptying interval will depend on use habits and environmental-factors.


Fills water tank automatically for a mopping range up to 3230sqft (300 sqm)*.

*Based on internal testing carried out on hard floors with a full clean water tank in the Empty Wash Fill Dock using default mode. Actual results may vary, depending on the room characteristics.


Makes maintenance easy by automatically cleaning the bottom of the dock.

5500 Pa Extreme Suction

Say goodbye to dirt and dust from floors and carpets. Power has been enhanced to 5500 Pa HyperForce® suction of power of power and the upgraded floating brush stays closed to uneven floors, to catch all the mess in your home.

VibraRise® Mopping System

Removes dried stains 30% more effectively* than traditional robot mops with sonic scrubbing at 3,000 times* per minute, and combined with consistently high downward pressure, leaves less dirt.

*Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer.

Auto Mop Lifting for the Ultimate Clean

Can tell the difference between carpet and hard floors, raising and lowering the mop as need to mopping where it‘s not supposed to.

*Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, the mop module can be lifted up to 5mm.

Durable All-Rubber Brush

Easily cleans up hair without tangling for minimum maintenance.

PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation

The brain behind your robot can create detailed maps to plan the optimal route for cleaning your home.

Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance

Detects objects on the floor so you don't have to move anything before starting a clean-up. It can also suggest No-Go Zones automatically, to prevent your robot vacuum getting stuck in tight spots, or falling down the stairs accidentally.

Map Quicker, Clean Faster

On its first run, your robot will quickly create a detailed map of your home without you needing to do anything, so you can start cleaning ASAP.

Smart Suggestions for No-Go-Zones

Automatically detects easy-to-get-stuck places and suggests No-Go Zones to prevent your robot vacuum from getting caught in small spaces. You can also draw Invisible Walls that block certain areas from your robot vacuum’s entry in the Roborock App.

Voice Control

Cleaning can happen from any room with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts, which let you control your robot with the power of your voice.

Faster Charging&Off-peak Charging Supported

Quickly resume cleaning by charging 30% faster* than before and get the most from low energy prices by charging during off-peak hours.

Child Lock

Prevent pets and kids from starting a cleanup easily, place your robot conveniently anywhere.

What's in the Box

Robot Vacuum (1)

RockDock™ Ultra (1)

VibraWash Water Tank (1)

VibraWash Mop Cloth (1)

VibraWash Mop Cloth Mount (1)

Power Cable (1)

User Manual (1)


Brand: Roborock

Origin: China

Retail box Dimensions:20.3×20×17.4 inches

Box Weight:38.4 lbs.

Robot Weight:10 lbs.

Robot Dimensions:Robot: 13.9×13.8×3.8inches

Dock: 16.6×19.4×16.5inches

Battery Type:5200mAh Lithium Ion

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